Pet relocations made easy
Author: SAFRA    Date Published: 10 May 2013

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Some pets love going in the car, but others associate car trips with visits to the vet. Whether or not your pet likes travelling in the car, a long-distance trip over a couple of days might be harder than you might expect. Here are some of our pet relocation tips to make the move easier for you and for your furry friends.

You can prepare your pet for the move by taking it on shorter car trips. Build up the distance over time to get them used to spending prolonged periods in the car. Taking your pet on errands with you will help them to get used to you leaving and returning, which is a good thing whether you decide on taking it in the car with you or having a professional pet relocation on move day.

Help your pet find his favourite way to travel. Some pets instinctively find a safe spot in the car while others prefer the security of a carrier. It is better to let anxious animals travel in carriers. Be sure that you find one that is big enough and comfortable. Buy it ahead of time and keep it in the home where the pet can get used to it.

Give your pet to adjust to your car. You don't want him wandering under your feet while you are driving!

Talk to the vet before taking your pet on an extended journey. It is important that the vet does a full medical exam on your pet to ensure it is healthy enough to handle the stress of a long distance trip. Your pet might also need shots, depending on where you are moving to. Sedatives can make a car trip easier for a pet, but it is not recommended for pets traveling by plane.

Packing all your pet's favourite items in the carrier or in the car will make the trip easier for your pet. Remember all his food, toys, blankets and chews.

Monitor the temperature in the car to ensure that it's just right for your pet. Also ensure that there is adequate ventilation.

Finally, if your pet will be travelling in the truck or by plane, be sure that it has sufficient identification. Your pet should wear address tags containing your contact details and the pet's name, as well as rabies tags.

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